Bitcoin Babe refused by 91 banks, put on terrorism watchlist, ‘bullied’ by Austrac

The Sydney cryptocurrency entrepreneur behind the Bitcoin Babe peer-to-peer trading platform says she’s been shunned by 91 financial institutions, put on a terrorism watchlist and “bullied” by Austrac.

Michaela Juric, a 28 year-old who runs her Bitcoin Babe business from her home in the western Sydney suburb of Kingswood, told the Senate’s Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre inquiry on Wednesday that the process of being debanked – where a bank stops dealing with a customer – had a significant impact on her personally.

“I’ve been very grateful for my seven years in the crypto community and all that I’ve learned, and the people that I’ve met. But at the end of the day, the irreversible damage to my livelihood has been done,” she said.

Michaela Juric, known as Bitcoin Babe, appears before the Senate’s Select committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre. Credit: Fairfax Media

Ms Juric set up Bitcoin Babe in 2015 and describes herself on Twitter as a “sensual provocateur for all your traditional financial nonconformity pleasures”. Her business allows for people to trade cryptocurrencies through a peer-to-peer network.


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