BBVA Switzerland launches Next Gen digital investment account

BBVA Switzerland launches Next Gen digital investment account

48 minutes ago

The Swiss arm of BBVA is launching a digital investment account that lets users build portfolios based on themes such as climate change and technologies including 3D printing while also providing a cryptocurrency wallet.

Called Next Gen, the account offers a catalogue of companies and funds organised into 11 themes including the circular economy; and into technologies such as robotics and autonomous vehicles.
The catalogue also seeks to emulate the portfolios of major investors such as Warren Buffet and lets client invest in traditional assets such as shares or investment funds.
BBVA is betting that by working with themes and technologies it can attract clients with specific interests in, for example, genetic research.
“The New Gen account allows customers to invest in a positive, conscious and committed way because at BBVA we believe that today's investments are what will define the future,” says Alfonso Gómez, CEO, BBVA Switzerland.
Users get access to a full range of online banking services and Iban numbers in dollars, euros or Swiss francs. They also get a wallet for storing, purchasing and selling bitcoins, all integrated with the mobile app.
To get a Next Gen account, clients need to be at least 18, reside in an EU country or Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru or Chile, among others, and deposit at least $10,000.

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